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Rally Cap

2022 Rally Cap Program

The Rally Cap program is a Baseball Canada program for children aged 5-8 and designed as an improvement over traditional t-ball as a child’s first introduction to playing organized baseball.

Rally Cap succeeds by integrating an active drill in the outfield while a game takes place on the infield. This allows players to stay engaged and active throughout Rally Cap sessions, minimizing standing around and waiting.

Rally Cap is an easy-to-adopt alternative to t-ball that results in:

  • 7.5x the number of ball touches
  • 15x more balls hit
  • 3x the positions played

The program ensures that players have an engaging introduction to baseball and supports retention through Rookie Ball and beyond.

How Can I Help?

Being a Rally Cap Helper is made easy for any parent or guardian volunteer because the program comes with its own easy-to-implement practice plans and parent helper handbooks. The drills are easy to understand and incorporate. Drills focus on basic 
baseball skills and athletic movements in a fun way that keeps players engaged.

Parent helpers are also provided progress reports for each player, so they can provide constructive and helpful feedback for players to get better. As players succeed with their progress reports, they have the option of advancing to the next level and developing new sets of skills from advanced drills.

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