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Rally Cap 7U- Practice Plan #6 (June 18 & 23rd)

By BOD, 06/17/22, 3:00PM EDT


Saturday June 18th and Thursday June 23rd will again be a mini-game with an activity in the outfield.

Each team will warm up independently with their coach for 10 minutes prior to the start of games and activities.

Game rules:

Each team will play 2 mini-games and have one activity in the outfield (while the other mini-game is being played).

Each team will bat their full lineup one time per game. If one team has 5 players and the other team has 7 players, the team with 5 players can bat 2 players again. 

SCORING IS OPTIONAL: The score for each team will be the number of runs scored plus the number of outs left after the lineup has batted through. For example: If Team1 scored 4 runs and only had 1 out made against them, their score for the game would be 4 + 2 = 6.  If Team 2 scored 5 runs and 3 or more outs were made against them, their score would be 5 + 0 = 5.

Outfield Activity:

The outfield activity for this week will be 'Throwing' and 'Recieving' on page 48 of the Rally Cap Mini-Book.

For the 'Skyball' activity, you can have the players throw the ball up to themselves, or can start with softer/closer tosses from a coach, depending on the players ability. For strong players, coached can set back further, and throw the ball higher (See the video: )

As a rule of thumb, when the teams playing the mini-game switch from batting to fielding, switch activities.


As always, don't forget to cheer "1-2-3 Lakeshore" or "1-2-3 Whitecaps" at the end of practice!

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